Stabikes Finance as a company has plenty to offer clients. With unique service, we ensure that our clients access services that satisfy their needs. What makes us unique in this service industry includes the fact that we offer:

Independent functions: Our clients gain access to independent functions offered by the company. We are not affiliated to other finance companies. This means that we use our portfolio to ensure that our clients get the services that they need when seeking to acquire a car of choice.

Client privacy: We want our clients to trust us thus offering private services to our clients. We ensure that our clients’ information is kept private and not shared with other organizations. Since the clients were in a position to trust our company, we intend to keep it that way until the financial debt has been cleared. This ensures security on our clients’ details.

Years’ experience: Stabikes Finance has years experience in offering car finance services. This means that our team of staff is well equipped with information regarding securing good deals in the market. Clients can be confident that they will be able to access cars of their dreams at reasonable rates. The experience also enables us to detect quality products from those of inferior quality.

Connections: Our Company has all the right connections to help you secure the product that you need. We are linked to great car dealers who stock the best quality cars. Through our company, you can easily access top notch car dealers that will be happy to serve you. You will also be able to access after sale services because of your affiliation to our company. Due to the good connections, you can trust in our company’s judgment when it comes to securing a car.

Quality customer service: Stabikes Finance is determined to offer quality customer service. This has been made possible through a number of positive services that our clients receive. Among these are fast and efficient responses, fast application approvals, easy to fill application options, kind and polite conversations from staff, and staff who listen to clients attentively. We know that the customer is always right and want their needs to be met as per the client’s specifications.

Cheap rates: We offer the cheapest rates in town that beats our competitors like CarCraft. We know that no help is provided if we charge exorbitant rates. Our drive to keep being competitive has seen us offer very low rates to our clients thus helping them meet their financial obligations with ease. We strive to offer cars from dealers who attach reasonable prices to their products thus allowing our clients get the best deals.

Scrutiny on products: Stabikes Finance ensures that clients get their hands on the best products. This can only be possible if we take time to inspect the products to ensure that they are of good quality. Our inspection team takes time to go through all aspects of the cars offered by our dealers to ensure that they are in sound condition. We want to ensure that you will like the car once you have it because you bought a fully functional car in good condition.

We offer better services than other bad debt car finance companies nationwide. This means that selecting us to offer you car financing services opens up a way for you to receive the best services available when it comes to car financing.

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