Is it possible to exchange the car I have for another of higher value?

Yes, you are able to give the car you have as a deposit and get a car of your choice. The car you offer acts a deposit and the deposit value is subtracted from the total amount you should repay for the new car. The balance remains the amount that you will keep paying in installments.

I am self employed, is it possible to get financing?

Yes. We offer financing even to the self employed. As long as there is evidence that you will be able to meet the repayment installments, we will not focus on the type of employment you are under.

What if I do not have a deposit for the car?

Our terms for the cars differ from one individual to another. You are welcomed to make an application. Depending on your circumstance, we are able to exempt you from making an initial deposit. You can just be making weekly or monthly installments to cover the cost of your car according to your ability.

How is your company different from other car finance service providers?

We are unique in that we offer solutions despite the fact that we are not a finance company. We are responsible in shopping around to find the best deals that suit your needs. We are listening partners who strive to do our best to ensure that you get exactly what you are looking for.

I want a car that I have not seen on your panel of display, can you help?

Yes. We work hard to ensure our clients get what they want. We will do our best to ensure that we find the car you are looking for. We will also compare the offers given to ensure that you get the car you want at the best rates.

How secure is my personal information?

We take our clients seriously and highly regard their need for privacy. We ensure that our client’s information is kept private to ensure their security. All information provided is kept securely on our database for use during the time that client’s have a debt obligation. This information is not shared with other organizations or institutions unless required by the law.

How long does it take to get a car?

We strive to offer fast and efficient services. Our clients are required to fill an application which when submitted is approved in less than a 24 hour period. After selection of the ideal car, the paperwork is fast completed and the car can be picked. This could all happen in a 48 hour period.

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