If you are looking for car finance but are scared that your bad credit may ruin your chances, our expert staff will be ready to help you in that regard. They will look into your financial disposition and make it possible for you to drive away a car that you like. This is the reason why we have ensured that there is a wide collection of cars making it possible to meet the needs of different individual’s needs. We have simple individual cars, family cars, 4 x 4 cars, and prestigious cars among others. This has ensured that all sorts of clients needs are well catered to.

Buying a car is a huge commitment and we strive to make the process much easier for you. We have just the right feature to help you make calculations of your investment. Click here to make an estimate of the installments you will be required to pay for your ideal car. You will be able to enter details of the car you desire, the amount you want to spend on the car, the amount in deposit that you would like to pay, and the repayment period. You also have the option to enter details on your credit score and you will get results regarding the total payment and the monthly installments you will be making on the car purchased.

Bad credit car finance through Stabikes Finance lets you pay less for the car that you desire. This service is offered to all sorts of individuals who are above 18 years, are UK residents, and have steady employment.  Those who have a bad credit and were not able to access credit in the past can take advantage of the presence of Stabikes Finance. Since we strive to practice responsible lending, we do to encourage our clients to take up cars that are above their repayment abilities. We do not delight in seeing clients stretched to their limits straining to repay debts. We encourage our clients to take up debt obligations that they can comfortably meet.

Bad debt car finance from Stabikes Finance helps you meet your financial obligations. We have set up strategies to ensure that our clients will be in a position pay back the debts in good time and thus improve their credit ranking. By setting flexible repayment programs for our clients, they are in a position to pay back the loan with ease. The timely payments in turn reveal a good payment record. This information is given to the credit bureau to ensure that the updates are fed on to the client’s repayment record thus improving an individual’s credit rating.

We do not have a large focus on a client’s credit history. This has helped us to offer car financing to clients who earlier had a CJJ, arrears, or default due to previous loans. Our main focus is rather aimed at the client’s present financial state and their ability to pay the current debts. This has helped us act as a rehabilitating company for those who faced difficulties in debt repayments before but want to improve their credit rating.

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