Welcome to Stabikes Finance. We are the ultimate company that you have been looking for. Have you been looking for car financing that seeks to understand what you need? Are you tired of filling countless number of forms in the bank only to be kept waiting for long for lengthy approval processes? We have nothing but the best to offer. These include low interest rates, easy form filling, and instant approval processes. As good as it sounds; we are nothing like the time wasting institutions.

Now that you have landed on our site, please go through all the attractive offers we have for our clients. You are sure to find one or several that suit your needs. What is more is that we are flexible and are ready to tailor our services to suit your needs. Stabikes Finance offers attractive car financing options that will keep you smiling all the way home. You should expect

  • Instant approvals
  • No deposits asked
  • Low interest rates

Understanding credit car finance

Cars are essential for the day to day life but only a few can manage to get money needed to buy a car on an instant. This is because quality cars are quite costly and it is not always easy to have such an amount of cash stacked up in a bank account or in your savings. It would be unwise to get a cheap low cost car that is of poor quality and is not able to guarantee smooth sailing all the time. Car finance companies like CarFinanceCity.co.uk offer clients the ability to buy a car through finance offered by lenders. The lenders are established organizations that work along with car dealers enabling applicants to get a car or choice based on loan. The applicant gets to drive away a car of choice and is liable to pay for it by means of weekly or monthly installments over a specified period of time.

Stabikes Finance is liable to selling clients good quality cars at reasonable prices while making arrangements to have the car dealer offer the car to the client. We help spread the car repayment over a span of months or years helping you make easy payments for the car as you use it. This has made it possible for all to have cars of their choice with ease.

What is bad credit car finance?

Bad credit car financing refers to the practice of offering car finance services to individuals who have a bad credit rating. Stabikes Finance is listed among the top service providers offering bad credit finance. We look into the needs of our clients and assess their ability to repay the car loan before advancing them any debt obligations. This has actually been a helpful tool in aiding many improve their credit rating and repair their credit history.

Not all with a poor credit rating are unable to repay their debts. Bad credit rating may have been caused by financial difficulties triggered by loss of job or a global financial crisis. Over time, an individual may have recovered and is able to pay back their debts well. This however does not immediately erase the bad credit record once held. Turning our focus to such possibilities has enabled us to advance car financing to bad credit debt worthy individuals.

Stabikes Finance has a wide range of packages that are ideal for bad credit car financing. These packages can also be tailored to suit the repayment abilities of the clients thus ensuring that all get deals that they can comfortably afford. Choosing to overlook bad credit history while focusing on the current repayment ability has proved to be helpful.

Benefits of using Stabikes Finance

There are several benefits that you can enjoy when working with Stabikes Finance. Since we are focused in customer satisfaction, we ensure that our clients are able to:

  • Get to buy a car of their choice
  • Access the cheapest market rates
  • Access fast and simple car application process
  • Access credit facilitation that is friendly and flexible
  • Get fast response and online approvals on application

Access personal advisors ready to guide applicant’s through car ownership

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